Wednesday, March 30, 2005

They Still Don't Get It

Bill Bradley has a kinder, gentler variation on the theme that the GOP wins because it is tougher and meaner than the Democrats. He says that Republicans are better organized, masters of corporate strategy applied to politics. If only the hapless Democrats would work their Blackberrys better.....

There's something to what Bradley says, but it misses the elephant in the room, which is that the Democrats are losing at the level of ideas and principles. It's not the inability to convey the ideas palatably or to organize support for them; it's the ideas themselves. Most importantly, nobody trusts the Democrats on defense. Also, people generally want lower taxes and less regulation. This is what the GOP has stood for over the past couple of generations, but you won't find any discussion of these principles in Bradley's piece, which amounts to another Democratic exercise in self-deception.


Blogger Joe Katzman said...

It's the usual whine about conservative news networks, think tanks, etc. Ignoring, as usual, the fact that the Democrats have the far larger and more lavishly funded universities and mainstream media solidly on their side.

If "the pyramid" ensured victory, the Democrats would control all 3 levels of government, easily. They don't.

Bill, the problem is that reactionary socialism and denial at home, and coddling America's enemies abroad, is not a winning political platform. Deal with it.

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