Tuesday, March 22, 2005

George Will on "Brooks Brothers Marxism"

George Will agrees with Karl Marx that politics is determined by the economic base of a country. This gives Will hope for the political future of China.

So that's twice in his career (at least) that Will has agreed with Marx (the first, as far as I know, was his defense of baseball's labor union). Let's hope Will's economic determinism is right and that a repressive regime cannot co-exist easily for long with a thriving capitalist economy.

Will seems to have a particular affinity for Bentley automobiles (no surprise, given his Anglophilia), and counts their numbers in Beijing to take the measures of China's wealth and the progress of capitalism. I must admit, although I'm no car fanatic whatsoever and am generally satisfied with anything that gets me from point A to point B efficiently, the Bentley Continental GT really knocks my socks off. Too bad its price has more digits than my calculator has room for.


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