Sunday, February 27, 2005

Report from the Front

Harvey Mansfield gives us a report and analysis of the faculty meeting at Harvard, where President Larry Summers saved his job, but got battered by feminists and their male Leftist "consorts". Mansfield also makes the case for (gasp!) feminism -- or a certain kind of feminism that induces "women to think more about what they want and like and about what is fair to men and good for children." Such a feminism would have to think more clearly about nature as opposed to social construction, which current feminists seem both to like (for what it supposedly can do) and dislike (for what it's supposedly done). A new feminism would have to grapple with "principle[s] beyond human making" such as the natural equality of men and women, and it would have to consider how much in accord with nature such a principle really is.

In short, Mansfield invites feminism to become more philosophic. Now that shows pretty high expectations for women.


Blogger lindsey said...

"women to think more about what they want and like and about what is fair to men and good for children."This would require feminists to think about someone other than themselves. That's the opposite of the feminism of the last 30 years. It's just not going to happen with the "Me" generation.

3:43 PM  
Blogger fred said...

Harvard's resident gave what I thought to be a reaoned and fair speech, in which he asked questions and suggested areas that werre in need of investigation, research thinking..the irrational outpouring of contempt for this man, one of the best presidents of any American university (most are merely corporation spokespeople) is but a sign of the cultrural war taking place in our country, where PC thinking takes the place of careful examination of facts. How many people reading my comment and having views on this issue have read the text of the speech?

4:09 PM  

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