Saturday, March 19, 2005

Democrat Deficiency

Les Gelb contemplates what the Democrats lack in foreign policy. Gelb comes up with Dick Cheney for his toughness and ability to unite the different factions within the GOP. The crucial quote is this:

"Most Americans need to feel assured that our leaders will crush those who would hurt us. Correctly or incorrectly, Americans wonder whether Democrats have the stomach for this. They don't wonder about Mr. Cheney or Mr. Bush."

So at least Gelb gives Bush himself credit as well.

Gelb also sees not two, but three distinct factions on foreign policy within the GOP -- realists and neocons, but also a third faction "torn between their traditional isolationism and the impulse to nuke the bad guys and get it over with." He lumps Jesse Helms and John Bolton into this third group.

Assuming Gelb's taxonomy is accurate, at least two of the factions (realists possibly but not necessarily or automatically excepted) have the toughness and "stomach" required to deal with our enemies. Most Americans sense that for now.


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