Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Harvard Man

Thanks to the new blog, Diotima, for a link to this interview with Harvard political scientist, Harvey Mansfield, about manliness.

Mansfield worries about the loss of traditional manliness or gentlemanliness and the resulting untutored beastliness. Women have become more like men, but as a result of this men have not become more like women; they have become still rougher.

Additionally, Mansfield is of two minds on manliness, for philosophy, which he loves, appears to be unmanly. Thinking by itself is a challenge to the traditional assertiveness of manliness. And although women don't always make use of the opportunities for reflection given to them by their lack of aggression, contemplation has significant feminine elements and certainly appears effeminate to most manly men.

Interviews like this make one realize the necessity of the tenure system; such bold (or is it manly, despite its subtlety?) thinking may not be tolerated otherwise.


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