Saturday, March 29, 2003

Dick Gephardt or Dominique de Villepin?

The Democrats are undergoing a once-per-generation conflict, according to William Kristol, regarding the war. Conservatives underwent this in the '90s, and the result is that Pat Buchanan is no longer a Republican and he's making common cause with Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal. Conservatives cannot really join sides in the Democrats' struggle, be we can cheer from the sidelines for the Gephardt group which includes Joe Lieberman and represents patriotism. The other group is more "Leftist" than "liberal" and hates George W. Bush almost more than it loves America so that, like M. de Villepin, it can barely muster support for America's victory against Iraq.

Interestingly, Kristol mentions that Hillary Clinton is in the Gephardt group, but he doesn't provide further analysis. We should probably be girding for a presidential run from her at some point, provided the Gephardt faction wins.

Frist vs. Clinton in 2008, if the Dems recover.


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