Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Daniel Patrick Moynihan, RIP

Here is the NYTimes obit.

Moynihan worried about poverty and wasn't afraid to take a moral stand on the black family, even when it brought unfair charges of racism. He was a tough anti-communist as Ford's UN Ambassador, predicted the demise of the Soviet Union in 1980 when nobody else but Ronald Reagan would have entertained such a thought, and was a staunch supporter of Israel. He also helped start The Public Interest with Irving Kristol. However, he voted against the Gulf War, and he backed Hillary Clinton to take his seat in New York.

Update, 3:45PM, 3/27: Here is Bill Kristol's remembrance of Moynihan.

Update, 7:02PM, 3/27: George Will says that Moynihan became something that, like Atlantis, is "rumored to have once existed but has not recently been seen" -- the Democratic Party's mind.

Finally, here is Michael Barone's glowing appraisal of Moynihan's career.

Do I sense that Republicans are remembering Moynihan more fondly than Democrats? More evidence of the Dems' decline.


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