Monday, April 25, 2005


It's hard to know if Arlen Specter, having sworn not to impede the confirmation of originalist judges, is up to his old tricks with Bolton or if the NYTimes is making something out of nothing by highlighting Specter's doubts about Bolton's nomination. Here is the transcript from CNN with Specter's remarks regarding Bolton's status.

On the Bolton Affair, William Kristol writes,

"Republicans lost the Bork fight--partly through failures of nerve and intelligence--and the country has paid a price in constitutional jurisprudence. Now, however, there is a Republican Congress and a determined president--and also, perhaps, a greater willingness to undertake such fights among conservatives. A good thing, too, for we could pay almost as great a price in foreign policy if the Borking of Bolton is allowed to succeed."

Here is Lawrence Eagleberger's defense of Bolton.


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