Tuesday, July 27, 2004

My last post notwithstanding, so we learned (or re-learned) that Bill Clinton can still give a rousing speech -- at least to the Democratic faithful -- and that his wife and Jimmy Carter can't. Andrew Sullivan is predictably ga-ga over the evening's proceedings and especially over Clinton associating himself with the "draft-dodging" Bush and distinguishing Kerry from them both. Sullivan over-reacts to everything. Yes, the evening was reasonably well orchestrated as far as these lame events go; but it was all an effort to put a spin on Kerry's foreign policy (or lack thereof) that stretches credulity. Kerry still has many tough questions to answer such as whether Saddam would still be tyrannizing Iraq if he had been president, how he will continue to prosecute the war on terror, will he pull out of Iraq, and what he thinks of gay marriage.


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