Saturday, June 19, 2004

Kerry's Foreign Policy Emerges

The following two quotes illustrate why Kerry is failing to impress in foreign policy. Despite all the blunders of the administration, Kerry will lose if he maintains this approach.

From David Brooks's column today: "Imagine if you are a Cuban political prisoner rotting in a jail, and you learn that the leader of the oldest democratic party in the world thinks you're being counterproductive. Kerry's comment [about the Varela Project] is a harpoon directed at the morale of Cuba's dissidents."

From William Kristol's latest piece: "But however blame may be apportioned between the commission's staff report and the media's tendentious coverage of it, Kerry has chosen to enter the fray. So we can now have the fundamental debate the country deserves: Does Kerry deny what the Clinton administration consistently maintained, what the Bush administration asserts, and what appears utterly clear--that Saddam Hussein had ties with terrorists and terrorist groups, including al Qaeda? That Saddam 'created a permissive environment for terrorism,' as a spokesman for British prime minister Tony Blair put it? No one else denies that the man who mixed the chemicals for the 1993 World Trade Center bomb, Abdul Rahman Yasin, came from and returned to Baghdad, where he lived for the next 10 years. Does Kerry? Does he think Saddam's terrorist ties were so negligible that we could confidently pursue a war on terror without dealing with Iraq? Did the Bush administration simply 'want' to go to war in Iraq, as opposed to believing it had a responsibility and duty to do so?"


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