Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Birkenstocked Burkeans

A new book by Rod Dreher called "Crunchy Cons" strikes me as the paleo-con version of David Brooks' Bobos in Paradise. However, whereas Brooks (sort of) celebrates the odd combination of the bourgeois and the bohemian that we see today -- the latte sipping investment banker -- Dreher seems to argue for a traditional kind of conservatism (opposed to both the bourgeois and the bohemian) that necessarily finds itself at odds with all manner of modernity. Whereas Brooks' Bobo is an amalgam of oppositions, Dreher's Birkenstocked Burkeans appear to be consistent in their conservatism and their countercultural sensibilities. Whereas the neoconservative temperament can give "two cheers" to capitalism, it's not clear how many the Crunchy Cons can muster. Anyway, I just ordered the book today after reading George Nash's review in the WSJ.


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