Sunday, September 04, 2005

Not Enough Rabble-Rousing?

I'm watching the Chris Matthews Show with Andrew Sullivan, David Brooks, and others. Brooks is arguing what he has been arguing in print recently -- that natural disasters often lead to political changes and that Rudy Giuliani would win the GOP presidential nomination in a walk today. Sullivan is condemning the government's response and comparing it to incompetence in Iraq.

Matthews is lamenting the fact that more black leaders are not responding more angrily or "passionatly". Apparently, he thinks they've become too button-downed and aren't rabble-rousing enough these days. Right, just what we need, more rabble-rousing. I guess Matthews thinks blacks aren't really being blacks unless they're screaming and yelling. How racist is that?


Blogger EddieP said...

Could it be that thinking blacks are embarrassed by their race's action and reaction in New Orleans?

Maybe they're starting to see that constantly drinking the democrat kool aid and having the Rev's Jesse and Al plead your case is enough to shame good people.

2:13 PM  

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