Friday, August 27, 2004

American Sweep

After receiving a sustained heckling from Greek fans, the three American entrants in the 200 meter Olympic finals proceeded to take all three medals. The classless (not to mention paranoid) Greek fans were left with egg on their faces with the American sweep. Greek fans have been trying to blame the U.S. for two of their sprinters (including one who was a favorite to medal in the 200 meters) failing to show up for drug tests and subsequently being disqualified. It's dispiriting for an American of Greek descent to witness such classless behavior by Greek fans and to observe the extent to which they dislike America.

Ditto the Iraqi soccer team, living out one of the Cinderella stories of these games as they prepare to play Italy for the bronze medal. I haven't heard one Iraqi player say anything good about the U.S., despite the fact that Iraqi athletes were routinely tortured under Saddam for coming up short in international competition.

I suppose the best thing we can do is what the three American runners did -- don't let it bother us and sweep the race.


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