Tuesday, June 24, 2003

From Protector to Predator?

Many European observers see a transformation in the United States lately "from protector to predator." But remarks like this are part of a long European tradition of anti-Americanism. James Ceaser shows us the genealogy of this tradition in the lead piece from the latest Public Interest.

This piece is an adaptation of Ceaser's book of a few years ago,
Reconstructing America
, which could hardly be more relevant today. That book traced European anti-Americanism from the 18th century French naturalist, Buffon, to Heidegger, Sartre, and Baudrillard.

However thoughtless and lazy anti-Americanism may be (and nobody's better or funnier than Ceaser in showing this), Ceaser concludes this piece with a warning for American conservative intellectuals not to embrace a thoughtless "anti-Europeanism" as an excuse for ignoring all criticisms of their country.

Update 6/25 -- Lee Bockhorn endorses Ceaser today in the Weekly Standard.


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