Monday, February 17, 2003

Paris Speaks

Associated Press reports that Chirac is in a huff about the Eastern European nations that signed a letter backing the U.S. position on Iraq. Chirac is quoted as having said that it was not "well brought-up behavior" and that the leadership of these countries "missed a good opportunity to be quiet."

More likely it's Chirac who's just missed an opportunity. By scolding the leadership of these countries for daring not to toe the E.U. line and indicating that this display of independence may jeopardize their pending E.U. membership, the President of France is merely calling attention to the fact that when looking at E.U./U.S. conflict over Iraq, his eastern neighbors recognize the stronger horse.

It's beginning to seem like an emerging theme of 2003 is a race to irrelevance between the United Nations and the European Union. Right now it looks a little close to call.


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