Sunday, May 13, 2007

Quote of the Day

"France, Britain, and Germany, the three major countries in the E.U., are now in conservative or very moderate social democratic hands. It is an odd thing. George W. Bush was supposed to have entirely alienated Europe. But first with Angela Merkel in Germany and now with Sarkozy in France, we see pro-American leaders at the very heart of the E.U."

-- Michel Gurfinkel


Blogger The Mechanical Eye said...

May I make the humble observation that those two countries' leadership changed for domestic reasons, and not necessarily because French and German populations became pro-Bush overnight? It's short sighted and self-centered to treat those elections as referenda on America. Also, neither country can be called pro-Iraq War in any sense.

This quote also ignores the political changes within nations that once supported us, like Italy and Spain.


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