Friday, June 04, 2004

Harper Rising

According to the daily SES research tracking poll, the Liberals now have a mere 3% lead over the Conservatives among decided voters (37% for the Liberals, 34% for the Conservatives). But just as significant is the growing number of Canadians ranking Stephen Harper as the most desirable choice for Prime Minister. He's now up to 23% to Paul Martin's 30%. Only a week ago, Harper was in the teens and Martin was above 40%.

Oddly enough, this comes as the Liberals are ratcheting up their efforts to paint Harper as an extreme right-winger. But in doing so, the Liberals themselves are moving further to the left, which, as Andrew Coyne has pointed out, is getting rather crowded, leaving the centre open for the Conservatives. This is excellent news for the Conservatives, provided they keep their wits about them and don't throw away their newfound support.


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