Friday, June 04, 2004

For Bravery in the Face of Retreat

As is reporting, the new Spanish Prime Minister has just demonstrated how foolish the European left can be. In a recent ceremony held in Madrid, Spain's Jose Zapatero awarded Medals of Merit to generals for their efforts in withdrawing Spanish troops from Iraq. Now, does it not seem a bit absurd to award medals for nothing more than an orderly withdrawal? And isn't that just the epitome of bureaucrat foolishness, the kind the Eurolefties love so much.

But even worse was Zapatero's awarding the medal to his Defense Minister who has been on the job for only six weeks. Zapatero's actions demonstrate the utter foolishness, as well as complete indifference, to matters of war and peace that is increasingly the norm among Europeans. To award a medal for a withdrawal is an insult, to award it to a politician who has done nothing of note is shameful. Thankfully, opposition parties of all stripes decried the decoration for the Defense Minister, causing him to refuse it and leaving Zapatero with egg on his face.


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