Thursday, June 17, 2004

Britain Breaks with the EU? has a nice discussion of the fallout from the European Parliamentary vote, especially in the UK where the UK Independence Party, which favors British withdrawal from the EU, came a strong third. In fact, across Europe, one of the main political cleavages is increasingly that of pro vs. anti-European.

Unfortunately, Europe's politicians seem absolutely unable to comprehend why this is happening. Their only response is to push harder toward European integration as the electorate pushes in the opposite direction. This should cause the European leadership to ask a fundamental question: Why, despite the prevalence of "democracy" in Europe, is there still such a huge gap between the political ideology of Europe's leaders and the people they claim to represent? Europe remains a continent powerfully divided against itself. I'll have more on this problem in the next few days, assessing it in light of the American and Canadian experiences as well.


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