Saturday, May 22, 2004

Canada and Europe Vote

On Sunday, May 23, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin will call a federal election scheduled for June 28. I'll be commenting on events as they unfold. There will also be Europe-wide elections in June for the European Parliament (not that many Europeans seem to care) and I'll be keeping an eye on those as well.

Also, the latest story is that Britain and Poland are supporting Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen to take over the European Commission presidency from the very leftist Romano Prodi. This is a fairly predictable move. Rasumussen is a conservative by Danish standards and an ally of Britain and Poland in the EU. Even without the conservatives in power in Spain, Britain still has its allies in the EU. Not surprisingly, France is expected to oppose Rasmussen. For one thing, Denmark does not use the Euro and is seen by France as unwilling to take part fully in the European Union. Of course, that essentially means that the Danes aren't willing to be pushed around by France, which is why the Brits like Rasmussen so much. Also, when the Danes held the EU rotating presidency last year, Rasmussen was considered to have done an excellent job. He has a number of supporters, but France and Germany will be keen to scuttle his chances. If Rasmussen gets the job, it will be a major victory for those Europeans seeking to but a roadblock in the way of French and German tyranny.


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