Sunday, April 18, 2004

Canadian Values - Liberal Scare Tactics

The National Post is reporting that, in preparation for an upcoming election this year in Canada, the governing Liberal Party is already working on a strategy that will tar the Conservative Party and its leader, Stephen Harper, as being opposed to Canadian values. This is a typical Liberal strategy in Canada, where so-called Canadian values are equated in their entirety with Liberal policies, which ultimately means whatever gets the Liberal Party elected.

With the Liberals slumping in the polls due to a raft of scandals, their only hope is to play the fear card in order to avoid taking responsibility for their own mismanagement. Unfortunately, implicit in this strategy is the demonization of western Canada, specifically Alberta. But the Liberals may find themselves playing with fire. Discontent in Canada's richest province is running high and if the Liberals fall back on a program of alienating the West, the consequences for Canada could be disastrous.


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