Sunday, January 11, 2004

France Falls Once Again

After a few weeks off over Christmas, the "France Falling" series will return tomorrow. Over the next few weeks, I plan to look at some of the recent books written by French authors discussing French decline and decadence as they see it. This week I'll focus on an excellent book written in 2003 by French professor Stephen Launay. The book, entitled La guerre sans la guerre (War Without War) deals with the just war tradition, the American way of war, Europe's current dismissal of all war as inhumane and the role NATO might play in future military activity.

I also plan to briefly discuss Jean-Francois Revel's book on anti-Americanism, as well as give some thoughts on Michel Houellebecq. In addition, I've just ordered the recent book by French journalist Alain Hertoghe that treats the French media's untruths regarding the war in Iraq. So sit back and enjoy.


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