Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Diplomatic Lessons for the French

In an article appearing in today's Le Figaro, Luc de Barochez reflects on the events of 2003 and the lessons they provide for a rather battered French foreign policy. Interestingly enough, it has nothing to do with praising multilateralism, pontificating at the UN or pandering to Russia and China. Instead, Barochez notes that France was diplomatically successful in 2003 only when it acted in cooperation with Germany and Britain. Yes, it seems that civilized Britain, that stalwart American ally, is the key to an effective French foreign policy. Of course, that would imply that France cannot simply wander the world stage opposing the Americans at each and every turn. It is rather ironic that the nation that spent so much time spouting platitudes about multilateralism is the one that has the most to learn about it. Funny that.


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