Thursday, October 17, 2002

Two pieces worth checking out:

The first comes from Condoleezza Rice and appears in the Telegraph. Notice the key phrase: "In real life, power and values are inextricably linked." In other words, power is not neutral. It is of necessity alligned with the better or the worse. Standing on the sidelines and criticizing as humanitarian agencies do means one de facto ends up with the worse, if not simply, the worst.

The second comes from Glenn Reynolds and can be found on Foxnews. Glenn makes the point that arming a population is perhaps the best way to avoid genocide. He wants to make it a human right, though he admits on that Mary Robinson probably won't agree. Well Glenn, you're in luck, Mary's left the UN Human Rights Commission to wreak havoc elsewhere. They have a new head now from Brazil. A friend of mine here in Geneva is an old school chum of his and tells me the new man is far more intelligent and open-minded than his predecessor. You might want to fire a copy off to him.


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